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Multi Airport Support

AIRHART supports multi airport setups, allowing airport operators to maintain and share common data, business rules, billing etc across multiple airports in an intelligent and safe manner.

Key Functionality

AIRHART’s architectural design supports synergies between multiple airports within the same organisation. A multi airport setup reduces the workload by creating and maintaining common aspects centrally – covering all entities such as aircraft types or business processes such as billing.

To ensure effective handling of a multi airport setup, entities that vary across airports can be extended to relate to the airport to which this belongs. This also applies to roles, permissions and data scopes that span multiple airports.

  • Multiple Airports share core data and assets
  • Common business rules and business processes are created and maintained centrally
  • Billing is handled across multiple airports
  • Airport-specific aspects are effectively kept separate
  • Dashboards can show data from one or multiple airports at once
  • Roles can be configured with permissions and data scopes that span multiple airports