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Machine Learning (AI/ML)

The aviation industry is facing the next technological revolution driven by AI/ML. AIRHART’s modern and flexible platform provides the technical foundation and agility needed to reap the benefits of smart airport operations driven by data – powered by AI/ML. The successful use of AI/ML technology requires certain steps to covered:

  1. Identify a business need with optimization potential based on experience and airport domain knowledge
  2. High quantity data is needed to train the AI model. Since AIRHART holds and maintains most airport data - high quality and all relevant contextual data sources are covered - this is unique to AIRHART compared to other AI/ML implementation projects
  3. AIRHART supports development and training of AI/ML models. During the training of the AI model, previously unseen patterns or business relations are detected – providing invaluable insights.
  4. The model is used repeatedly as part of the decision-making process, either to make an automated decision, or to offer guidance to human decision making


Key Functionality
  • Get intelligent recommendations – e.g. recommendation of mitigating actions when alerts are raised or predicted
  • Use dynamic values based on real-time contextual information
  • Simulate operational scenarios to validate and improve business logic
  • Improve efficiency with smarter short- and long term planning based on forecasting
  • Remove redundant workload from staff so they can focus on what matters
  • Generate new revenues streams
  • Improve passenger experience with less waiting and more accurate information display
  • Improve turnaround time based on real-time analysis of ground handling sub-events