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Data is key to making intelligent, fact-based decisions — both in response to real-time events and when trying to optimise total airport management for the long haul.

The AIRHART Insights component is powered by a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. With it, airports unlock benefits from more accurate forecasting to increased operational efficiency, passenger experience and unlocking commercial potential.

Insights ties the platform together across core features, modules, and custom elements. Data-driven insights enable optimisation, prediction, and recommendations. As a result, the Insights component provides the basis for a learning system that continuously improves itself.

AIRHART Insights provides an operational point of reference across all airport stakeholders while ensuring easy access to data – a single source of truth.

Key Functionality

The Insights component is a powerful data processing engine that collects, transforms, and stores large amounts of real-time data, both structured and unstructured, to provide business-critical insights to relevant stakeholders across the Smarter Airports ecosystem.

  • Collect, process, aggregate and expose data as it is generated.
  • Consume both streaming and batch data sources, as well as multiple data formats.
  • Give BI analysts and data scientists the tools they need to query relevant information, via a  sophisticated analytics UI, pulling real-time data and historic data for analysis.
  • Process dynamic data structures through automatic schema recognition. 
  • Push airport data to multiple external clients, using a varied set of outbound adapters — including real-time, subscription-based data feeds for consumers who require live data updates. 
  • Enjoy  long-term data storage as standard — facilitating historical reporting, time-based analysis and raw message inspection with ease.
  • Make use of operationalised machine learning models; turning statistical engines into software components, to power other areas of the solution.

The data Insights component gives the speed, power and flexibility needed to draw timely insights from massive amounts of highly varied airport data.

  • Real-time big data access to conduct meaningful data analytics, visualisation, and discovery.
  • Unified data perspective across the ecosystem.
  • Flight delay predictions using advanced machine learning models.
  • Data-driven suggestions for continuous improvement — based on insights collected across the ecosystem and delivered via AIRHART's intelligent machine learning model.
  • Cross-airport benchmarks to find the best performers, understand their processes and implement them throughout other airports in the Smarter Airports eco-system.

“The AIRHART insights engine ensures that we take business critical decisions based on reliable data and insights.”

Esben Kolind
Senior Lead Digitalization Consultant at Copenhagen Airports