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Logic Flow

In AIRHART it is possible to create logic flows separate of core business logic. This allows even non-technical users to create and modify logic flows to automate and optimize tasks throughout the airport value chain. Logic flows allows hypothesis-driven business development performed by those who knows the business-potential best.

AIRHART allows for all airport stakeholders to connect data and set up logic flows. Basically, logic flows consist of two components: triggers and actions. It is the combination of these that make up the logic flow.

What is a “trigger”? It can be anything from something as simple as “When flight SK123 is on block” or “When the bridge is connected on A21”, to something as complicated as “When the physical distancing indicator in a circular zone of 75 meter radius with centre at 12.34 latitude & 56.78 longitude is above 45 PDI”.

An “action”, can be anything as simple as “open the IoT-connected landside door in gate A21”, or simply “send a message to Airside Ops”, to something as complicated as “calculate alternative stand and gate allocation and send decision-suggestion to duty manager”

With these triggers and actions available each airport stakeholder, is enabled with a powerful tool to automate simple or more complex “logic flows” without engaging with the IT department or a 3rd party vendor. AIRHART has multiple logic flows available where users have created and published Logic Flows to provide several innovative use cases to automate operational tasks. Logic flows are shared throughout the AIRHART eco-system and even across airports.

Key Functionality
  • User-friendly and simple configuration of logic flows
  • Share logic flows across airports, large teams or hyper-locally to individuals
  • Incorporate operational data, IoT devices or external sources
  • Instantly act on new opportunities to improve day-to-day tasks
  • Test and try new logic flows with minimal disturbance of core business
  • Automated and supported decision-making
  • De-centralized value creation