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User Management

Airports are powered by a wide range of teams, working simultaneously to keep operations running smoothly. While some employees are focused on the air — tracking flights and organising the runway — others are on the ground, loading cargo, transporting passengers and keeping everyone safe.

With so many people involved in daily operations, user management becomes critical to an airport’s success. Teams need the data that’s relevant for them, delivered at the time they need it. And security is of utmost importance too — you don’t want business-critical, sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

The state-of-the-art role management and delegation feature in AIRHART empowers fine-grained access control down to field level. End-users experience a seamless interaction with the platform through personalised content, while the business rest assured that everyone has what they need — and nothing they don’t.

Key Functionality

The AIRHART platform has been built to deliver dynamic federated management of users and roles, ensuring secure access throughout the platform.

  • Trust in industry-leading security with a variety of user management tools supported.
  • Enjoy seamless onboarding for all users and organizations.
  • Sign into the platform smoothly and securely, with solution-wide Single Sign-On and customisable Multi Factor Authentication policies.
  • Manage users inside your own IAM tool - and they will automatically be granted the correct roles in AIRHART.
  • Unified authentication and authorization for 3rd party integrations based on industry-standard OAuth 2.0
  • Adapt permission management model to allow for tailored access control.
  • Delegate a subset of roles to individual organizations for assigning.
  • Keep an automatic log of all operations and data changes for subsequent auditing.
  • Share views and dashboards between roles and/or users.

AIRHART’s approach to user management and security is based on a foundation of up-to-date industry standards and state-of-the-art customisation.

  • User-friendly sign-in experience on all platforms.
  • Reduce your risk of vulnerabilities, with automatic platform security updates in line with industry standards.
  • Add and remove users in one centralised hub — the IAM/AD tool of the organization — and it will automatically synchronise
  • Each organisation can choose the user management tool of their choice — one that fits into their available solutions (AD, IAM, Google)
  • Everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Tailor access to be specific for each airport, user organisation, role and ultimately the user
  • Access control down to field level (lowest level / attribute level) ensures that you can never access sensitive information for other airlines.