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Matching & Enrichment Engine (AODB)

The efficient and reliable operation of an airport depends on having common, comprehensive, and always up to date operational data linked to specific flights.

The Matching & Enrichment Engine – also known as Airport Operational Database (AODB) - gathers, prioritises, and enriches data from different sources — providing various stakeholders with the most relevant and reliable data in real-time - ensuring a single source of truth.

Key Functionality
  • Flexible and automatic matching of messages from multiple sources and combined to a single source of truth
  • Flights and other operational data are gathered from a variety of sources, including integrations to legacy systems, and matched and enriched with core operational asset data.
  • Process and prioritise data through centralised and fully customisable business rules — bespoke to your operations.
  • Verify your business rules before deployment, to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy. Modify your business rules at runtime, with easy management and complete control - independent of IT development resources.
  • Flex the database’s architecture to suit your needs — deploy specific data models, input varying source integrations, and set the rules that work for you. 
  • Adapt the AODB’s schema model, to accommodate data from new input sources and for output to new consumers.
  • Built-in flight linking capabilities and a plugin model allows extending the Matching & Enrichment Engine with new capabilities.
  • Data is sourced from different sources, aggregated, and prioritised to ensure a single source of truth for all stakeholders.
  • Fully customisable to the specific needs of the airport and integration to the Smarter Airports ecosystem.
  • Business rules can easily be modified to adapt to a changing environment —independent of IT-development resources.
  • Full control of customisations with minimal cost of maintenance.