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Integrations Framework

Integrate to existing systems using a shared integration library, where high-quality, well-documented APIs — the essential connectors of the AIRHART platform — are stored.

The Integrations Framework feature enables users to both customise their workflows based on airport needs, and access a stable foundation from domain standard integrations.

The Integration Framework is developed continuously — with new integrations added to the shared integration library, as they become available.

Key Functionality

The Integrations Framework feature enables smooth integration with existing data providers and consumers.

  • Quality, reliable and robustly tested integrations, designed specifically for the aeronautical domain.
  • Handle data from and to multiple sources in various formats supported with high flexibility for custom needs.
  • Full traceability of messages throughout the system enables insights into impact of information.
  • High system availability made possible through fully scalable solution architecture
  • Automated error-correction ensures high system resiliency.

Get started with plug-and-play, standard integrations or build custom integrations with ease, thanks to:

  • A palette of integrations for many domain standards e.g. SITA Type B messages.
  • Integration bottleneck and unavailability detection and correction.
  • Decreased back-office administration through automatic corrective measures.
  • Fast time to market when new capabilities emerge, such as new integrations providing valuable data.
  • Provides flexibility in support of custom needs and provides a stable foundation from domain standard integrations.