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Custom Data Management

The bi-temporal Custom Data Management module gives unique access to the building blocks of Core Operational Asset Data and allows the user to extend the data structure. This includes minor changes — like adding more properties on aircraft types — and larger ones, like creating entirely new data types. The module gives full control to the flexible part of the data structure and allows for modifications to data and thereby also the use of data, both directly and by other modules, for flight record enrichment for example.

Data is handled bi-temporally, as well as flexibly. All data is automatically enhanced with a start and an end time/date, making it possible for the user to specify validity periods and control the use of data over time, while the system automatically ensures correct and valid relations between datasets.

For utmost management and control, platform administrators can layer an approval process on all data changes. This means no change will take place without being approved.

Key Functionality
  • Specify start and end times/dates on all data, and concurrently apply different values to different periods.
  • Adapt the data structure as needed, thanks to AIRHART’s dynamic data model
  • Distribute data model changes to all stakeholders, automatically.
  • Support for data change approvals.
  • Validity periods allow for preparation of future data – and correction of historical data.
  • Validity periods together with registration times allow for full historical insight.
  • The data structure can be changed by the end-user using business insight and without technical (and costly) involvement.