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’We provide a move away from siloed, uncoordinated improvement efforts toward integrated transformation based on data intelligence.’’

André Rogaczewski, CEO Netcompany & Chairman Smarter Airports
Smarter Airports enables change through our value three drivers:


We enable change – so you are ready for it.
The world is changing. Domain requirements are changing. Customer expectations are changing. We believe in a new approach to total airport management, one that supports continuous digital transformation.
We are starting from the bottom up and re-thinking agility in our architecture and processes.
Agility is reached through digital transformation, allowing for:

  • Adaptability and flexibility 
  • Efficient scalability
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation and growth


We believe that we are smarter together.
The more data and experience are shared in an ecosystem, the smarter everyone within that ecosystem becomes.
We invest in partnerships through transparency, trust and collaboration. We build communities, leveraging collective learning, to ensure:  

  • Adoption of Standard Processes instead of adapting technology to the old ways of working. We strive to achieve the highest adoption rates in the industry
  • Single Source of Truth and Situational Awareness allowing for daily and tactical resource management and planning
  • Break down of silos fuelled by information sharing


We believe in intelligence – fuelled by data.
We believe that the idea of legacy ‘future-proofing’ should be abandoned. Instead the focus should be on building a total airport management platform that is ready for the future — today.
We integrate intelligent use of data in multiple ways:

  • Continuous Improvements and optimisation through data insights extracted from the Smarter Airports Community
  • Data-Empowered Decision Making. Predictive Analytics and complex insights to anticipate, deal with, and adapt to change
  • Best Industry Practice by adopting experience-based, well-proven standards instead of adapting technology to the old ways of working