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We take full responsibility for ensuring end-to-end implementation, configuration and organisational change management in order to deliver a successful digital transformation.

When partnering with Smarter Airports, you'll benefit from our unique agile approach, designed to deliver successful project outcomes. Our approach is aligned with standard aviation safety methodology addressing technical factors, human factors, and organisational factors too.


The Smarter Airports platform leverages value creation for all stakeholders throughout the airport. When implementing we focus on delivering measurable business value for each stakeholder, including:

  • Airlines
  • Airport Operations
  • Authorities
  • Service Providers
  • Ground Handlers

The list of roles covered will be extended continuously as the AIRHART platform grows.


We have developed a series of tools and best practices, based on the implementation of AIRHART in Copenhagen Airports and Netcompany’s vast experience in implementing major IT projects. This includes for instance a proofing tool which monitors and compares data-flows in existing systems and AIRHART, ensuring a safe transition to the platform.


These tools and best practices are continuously developed and shared across the Smarter Airports ecosystem — that’s agile collaborative learning in practice.

Dynamic Core Feature and Module Roadmaps

AIRHART's core features and modules develop continuously — improvements are based on input from the AIRHART Community, allowing for all airports to impact product roadmaps. Not only does this create a solid foundation for the development and implementation of new features and modules. It also empowers you to refine and improve your airport operations, day by day. Modules are developed in accordance with requirements for the specific needs of each airport. Smarter Airports ensure a coherent platform adjusted to specific needs and existing solutions.


Our methodology combines agile working with robust frameworks. With agility, we springboard from a stable foundation — keeping a common understanding of design and scope in mind, every step of the way.

  • We define short releases with focus on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Even in large releases and projects, possibilities for smaller releases and MVPs need to be analysed.
  • We are using prototypes to get early feedback from users and to fail-fast when necessary.


The transition to AIRHART provides the opportunity to adopt experience-based, well-proven standard processes — forgoing old ways of working — while still respecting individual needs and expectations.


Smarter Airports have developed a series of Standardized Business Process Flows aligned with platform functionality. These processes reflect the best-in-class  work flows implemented in Copenhagen Airports – continuously elected as one of the world’s most efficient airports.


Highly efficient business processes are shared across the Smarter Airports ecosystem allowing for: 

  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Efficient scalability
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation and growth


We ensure a safe transition that focuses on business and organisation by applying well proven training and change practices.


Our focus on organisational change management starts from our first meeting and continues all the way through to the establishment of a new work day. We will measure our progress throughout the transformation to ensure corrective actions whenever needed – providing a change trajectory that’s sustainable and future-facing, avoiding any old habits from slipping in.


Successful organisational change management is based on:

  • Monitoring – Provide ongoing monitoring and measurement of the OCM effort to ensure that the desired effect is realised and that corrective actions are taken when needed.
  • Stakeholders and communications – Keep stakeholders in the loop, and commit to the change through targeted and tailored communication activities.
  • Develop user capabilities – Offer effective, timely support and training to all user groups, creating a workforce that’s  highly competent and familiar with AIRHART.
  • Transition and adoption – To guarantee the successful implementation and smooth adoption of AIRHART, the project team will work closely with the appointed resources to plan and execute the implementation.